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           RUIJIAN foundation engineering co., LTD., formerly known as zhejiang ruian ruian build geotechnical materials plant, founded in 2003, is the foundation and foundation project specialized contracting national level 3 qualification enterprise, the specialty is engaged in the soft soil, super soft soil foundation reinforcement engineering services, adhering to the "integrity, focus, innovation, win-win" spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with land or water soft package solution, in plastic drainage plate, plastic drainage belt, vacuum preloading, stack preloading, powder spraying pile and CFG pile, bagged sand drain, and soft foundation processing aspects of mature experience, is located in zhejiang ruian modern industrial city, is the current domestic production capacity of the larger enterprises and domestic initiative - welded drainage board production enterprises, advanced technology over the years, we remain vigilant and asked ourselves, tentacles extended to the most remote part of the service, to the different requirement of the project, our factory is equipped with a large number of advanced construction equipment for its supporting services; Well received by the industry and customer praise.

           The company has the advanced senior engineering machinery equipment and first-class professional and technical personnel, the existing 18 units (sets), construction equipment, including caterpillar pressure type, caterpillar vibrating machine, various types of pile machine, air compressor, drivers, etc., can be engaged in Marine operation (including shipboard operation and tidal zone) and land operation; With technology and equipment, complete sets of vacuum preloading can be 3 million square meters of construction work at the same time. The company existing more than 10 senior engineers, a number of professional and technical personnel, the existing pingyang song port a west bay reclamation project, the estuary reclamation engineering, airport industrial park, zhuhai hengqin new area municipal road soft foundation processing soft foundation processing multiple projects under construction project.

      For a long time, the "red building" project services throughout the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region, in sichuan, henan, shandong, liaoning and other places also monarch transfer market, show strength. Six cross island in zhoushan, zhejiang to coal wharf, nankou bridge, the downtown connection project, the river's mouth peninsula, municipal engineering, yuhuan huaneng power plant, hangzhou-ningbo expressway, ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou expressway and wenzhou people in construction project such as our base, and the company in a safe, high quality, low consumption of services to win acclaim from party a and supervision units.

           Company also founded the domestic large geotechnical materials production base, set "research, development, production, sales and service" as a whole, nissan 300000 meters, plastic drainage plate product specifications, models complete, can satisfy all kinds of soft soil foundation reinforcement, etc. Products by the domestic authority detection, in the displacement, the tensile strength and other important complex body comprehensive indexes than similar domestic products. And through the provincial technical achievements appraisal. Strictly carry out: "JTJ/T257-96" standard, will is the guarantee of product quality is stable, high-quality construction team and mature and strict management system, to provide strong guarantee for the civilized, safe construction. Low cost, high quality and large output is our solid foundation of market competition, make progress together, interaction and mutual benefit is our consistent business philosophy.

      We have many years of experience in production of plastic drainage plate, drainage belt, the products are widely used in highway, airport runway, railway subgrade, wharf yard, reclamation dam, sewage treatment, ocean engineering and so on soft soil foundation reinforcement; We have involved in railway, highway, landfill, power plants, a golf course and marina, reclamation dam engineering construction, such as the "red building" brand drainage belt with its excellent quality and good reputation, products are sold to domestic provinces and cities and abroad, well received by the user's welcome and. In a number of key projects by the construction unit (owners) as specified products.

      Adhering to the quality first, good faith is supreme spirit of enterprise, our construction in soft foundation treatment at the same time, won a good reputation in the field of comprehensive construction ability and the technical management level has also been continuously improve, to create more opportunities for cooperation laid a good foundation. Let us hand in hand together, pouring better tomorrow!

      Plastic drainage plate (product introduction)

        The company specializing in the production of "red building" brand series products of plastic drainage plate, product specifications, model complete, can satisfy all kinds of soft soil foundation reinforcement, etc. Product quality by the country authorities detection, the indicators are more than the national standards and engineering design technical requirements. Quality stability, and technical innovation in the first place in the same trade; And through the provincial technical appraisal. Products sold to domestic provinces and cities and abroad, by the user's welcome and praise. In a number of key projects by the construction unit (owners) as specified products.

      Our company adopts the international advanced PLC control variable frequency speed regulation, automatic production equipment, the domestic leading production technology and production technology, has a large quantity, the quality of high stability, low plastic core plate thickness even error, etc.

      Using high quality raw materials, using 100% pure polypropylene plastic core board (transparent/white) and high-quality polyester or long fiber hot-rolled non-woven membrane filter.
      Plastic core plate has a reasonable pitch. Tooth is smooth small resistance, the use of advanced technology formula, high tensile resistance to tear strength, toughness, good structure stability, low elongation, and anti-aging.

       Adopt high quality polyester or long fiber membrane filter non-woven material, hot-rolled, has a good performance of mechanics and hydraulics, high tensile strength, tearing strength, abrasion resistance, good drainage, warping plugging, apply to all kinds of clay.

      Reference to international advanced level of welding automation equipment and technology, welding method is used to wrap membrane filter core board replace domestic commonly used bonding. Welding method, welding method, the biggest advantage is beautiful, firm not degum, seamless, avoid soil particles from the sewed into the alveolar and plastic core board blocked drainage channel.

      Product specifications complete, the SH100 - type A, type B, C, D, can satisfy all kinds of complex geological and engineering design technical requirements. As used in the highway, railway subgrade, port yard, reclamation dam strengthening soft soil foundation treatment.

      Packaging for imported equipment, use the second roll combined plastic strapping, neat appearance, low cost and avoid membrane damage in the transportation, loading and unloading, volume 200 m - 250 - m long, roll diameter 1.00 m - 1.15 m, roll diameter 15 cm, 40 ft container load of 90.000 m


      Copyright: Ruian Ruijian Infrastructure Engineering Co., Ltd. Copyright ©2019 浙ICP備19023892號

      http://www.furenjulebu.com  TEL:86-0577-66080718 

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